INTERVIEW: W&M student wins Williamsburg City Council seat

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – History was made last week in Williamsburg as a student from the College of William and Mary was elected to the city council.

Scott Foster unseated a long-time incumbent in an election that college officials believe will go a long way to helping relations with the town and the school. And councilman-elect Foster joined NBC12 via Skype from Williamsburg.

RYAN: I will imagine it feels good to be call the councilman-elect Scott.

SCOTT FOSTER: It does. I'm getting used it to. Everyone has been throwing that around a good bit.

RYAN: Scott, thank you so much for joining us. I was joking with you before that you're one of the first guests I ever had on that had to push me back a few days because of your finals, but that illustrates how remarkable your election was. At a student at William and Mary, what compelled you to run for the city council there in Williamsburg.

SCOTT: I'd always been just a regular student and doing regular student things. The last summer, I realized that the city and the college could get along a whole lot better and really the whole community would benefit from it. So I took that as my charge and here I am.

RYAN: You did get a significant amount of votes from your fellow college students but what most impressed me was the majority of your votes came from average people that live in the Williamsburg. How did you reach out to them? As somebody that hadn't live in the city until you came to college, that you could be their best representative?

SCOTT: From the beginning, I wanted this to be the an inclusive campaign. I got the voter list from the State Board of Elections and came up with a great walking plan. I knocked on 80 percent of the doors in Williamsburg. I ran out of time, but that was really it.

RYAN: You are going into William and Mary's law school into the fall -- the first year of law school is daunting. Are you prepared to balance the demands of the council and your school work?

SCOTT: I've been warned a lot but also been told it can be done. I'm really good at managing my time. I'll also thinking about stretching law school into four years. That will help out a lot, and also I'm not starting law school until the fall of 2011, which gives me a year to get the city council under my belt and really get a good feel for what it takes.

RYAN: We're running out of time, but quickly, you have talked about the relationship between the school and city, one of your important points you want to raise, but what other things are you concern about that needs to be focused on in Williamsburg?

SCOTT: Right now, this is something I learned from knocking on all these doors. On the perimeter of the city, city services aren't being distributed as they are closer to the core, closer to Colonial Williamsburg. That is something that needs to be attended to. We have street lights out, sidewalks need to be upgraded, potholes, wiring, you know, above-ground wiring that needs to be buried, those type of things have to be taken care.

RYAN: Scott, thank you for joining us. Sounds like you're off to a running start so we'll have to have you back as you get into your job there.

SCOTT: Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

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