Drivers react to proposed I-95 toll

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Virginia welcomes you is what the sign reads as you enter the state of Virginia but a new idea is unwelcome by some truck drivers at an Ashland truck stop. They could soon have to pay a toll on I-95 and having to fork over extra money is a big price to pay.

"Too much money," said truck driver, Tony Sousa. "You already spend a lot of money on the trucks. We can't afford it."

For truck drivers, another toll isn't just about finding some extra change. A fee of $1-$2 per axle as proposed would cost big rig drivers, anywhere from $5-$10 per toll.

"We pay enough in tolls itself!" said driver, Troy McKinney."Sometimes you don't even go that far you know? You might just go from here, 5 miles down the road and you're done."

But drivers who live in the area and pass up and down on I-95 to and from work aren't as against the idea. Wren Kincaid drives a stretch of the highway 5 days a week.

"If it improved the roads I guess I could spend a dollar you know?" said Kincaid. "But $2? That's a bit high."

V-DOT estimates the tolls could generate as much as $60-million a year on roads that desperately need the repairs. Some drivers, however, would like to see the money made in other ways.

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