Customer shot as he foils robbery attempt in Caroline County

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CAROLINE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Dramatic surveillance video as a customer foils an armed robbery with beer bottles. That good samaritan ended up getting shot in the process. That robber is still on the run.

This all went down Saturday night at a Caroline County convenience store. The video is difficult to watch, as the good samaritan jumps into action with beer bottles. The robber had no idea what was about to hit him. Within seconds, glass, beer and bullets fly.

"I'm telling your right now if it wasn't for him she probably wouldn't be here today," said Mr. Fuel General Manager Gary Poland.

Poland walked us through the riveting surveillance video from the first ever attempted robbery and shooting at his store.

At 9:33 Saturday night, the gunman comes inside and wanders down an isle, even looking up at a camera. He grabs a pack of crackers and heads to a register.

"He puts the dollar on the counter with the crackers and then, boom he's pulling out the gun," said Poland.

But the clerk can't get the register to open, upsetting the gunman.

"He's mad now. He's pointing it at my manager now," said Poland.

The manager hits the panic button. What's about to happen next shocks everyone. A customer, believed to be in his sixties, makes a split second decision to help. He grabbed two bottles of beer.

"Boom and runs. See him, he's on a mission," said Poland.

He splits open one beer bottle on the gunman's head. The customer falls to the floor as gun shots ring out. The good samaritan is hit four times. The robber bolts as the man stumbles to his feet.

"I think it was very brave of the customer, first doing what he did, and a good samaritan doing that for us. If it wasn't for him I think something terrible could have happened," said Poland.

Sheriff's deputies showed up just minutes later. There were several other customers and employees in the store, no one else was hurt. The good samaritan is recovering at home.

The robber left behind a pair of prescription eye glasses. Police believe he may try to seek medical treatment for his head wound. 

If you have any information that can help detectives in this case, you're asked to call one of these tip lines, 804-633-5400 or 804-633-1133.

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