Governor's task force meets to discuss job creation

Posted by Shoshannah Nunez - email

Governor Bob McDonnell brought together his economic team today with the goal of creating new jobs in Virginia.  The Governor created this job development task force as his first act in office.

The working group includes leaders from the private sector and high level members of the McDonnell cabinet.

As a kick off to the meeting, McDonnell signed several pieces of legislation that will help fuel his job creation agenda. The Governor says there is no higher priority.

"They understand like I do that getting our people to work and reducing this unacceptably high 7.4 unemployment rate is the top issue facing our state. It's what I ran on, it's what I'm governing to do and I'm very optimistic that we are going to get things done."

The task force is expected to deliver a set of recommendations on jobs to the Governor in October.

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