UVA President speaks about Yeardley Love murder

Posted by Shoshannah Nunez - email

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - UVA President John Casteen says he was startled that the university didn't know of Huguely's violent past. Casteen says his school is stunned and heartbroken over the murder of 22-year-old Yeardley Love.

"The loss of a student in this way is both an agonizing thing for the family and a challenge for every system in the university. There is no protocol to deal with this kind of death," Casteen says.

According to Casteen, the university was unaware that suspect, George Huguely, was arrested in Lexington in 2008 after resisting arrest on public intoxication. Police had to use a stun gun to restrain him. Huguely pled guilty to both misdemeanors.

Casteen says there's a gap in the law regarding informing colleges and universities when students are arrested off campus.

The university's president became choked up, when talking about description of how Love's body was found.

"None of us would pretend to you that the description of Yeardley Love's body when the police entered her apartment is anything but a constant image in our heads that we all live with and we have no apology for that because she was and is our first responsibility," Casteen says.

We now know what police took from Huguely's apartment, shortly after his arrest.

According to a search warrant, investigators took a UVA lacrosse t-shirt with a red stain on it as well as a letter addressed to Yeardley Love.

They also took several other items including two laptops, a notebook, two white socks, a shower curtain, and the entryway rug into Huguely's home.

DNA swabs were also taken from the bathtub, kitchen trash can and entryway door.

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