Richmond salon donating hair clippings to oil spill cleanup effort

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Your next hair cut could help efforts to mop up the oil in the gulf.

A national organization is collecting hair clippings from salons across the country, including right here in Richmond.

The hair acts like a sponge and when stuffed into pantyhose it creates a protective barrier boom.

The owner of Hair Theater in The Fan says what's being swept up on her salon floor will soon be shipped out to the gulf.

A pound of hair a day.

That's how much is usually swept up and tossed into the trash at Hair Theater.

"I'm going to take a little bit of length of this very bottom layer," said Liz Andrews.

She now has another plan for the leftover locks.

"The oil spill was so disheartening we're so sad to hear about it was a great opportunity for us to get involved we're cutting hair anyway we might as well sweep it up and help save a life," said Andrews.

The California based group "Matter Of Trust" is collecting hair clippings and pantyhose to make absorbent barrier booms and hair mats to help contain the oil spill.

"It seems a bit obtuse it does but anything can help," said Christina Fitch.

Matter Of Trust is accepting both human and canine hair.

Critter Wash in The Fan has also stepped up to the plate.

"We knew they had a lot of hair with the summer months and everybody getting their pets groomed so we went over there and gave us a bag full and they would be able to donate that much hair every two days," said Andrews.

Andrews says the salon has been busy booking appointments as word spreads.

"If we could fill up that box every two or three days and ship it to them we would be really really happy," said Andrews.

Andrews is challenging other local hair salons to get involved.

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