Some Chesterfield sports fields may get less maintenance

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Posted by Shoshannah Nunez - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - With more than half a million dollars to cut from its budget, Chesterfield Parks and Recreation is making decisions about fields- which ones deserve more maintenance and which ones can disappear.  It might as well be a home run,  because adult sports are safe.  Changes to next year's field maintenance would affect youth sports.

"We looked at which fields have been getting the most use historically, which ones maybe have some rundown fencing," said Mike Golden with the parks department.  The parks department is preparing to make a cost-saving recommendation to it's advisory board.

"Some of the turf football fields, we'll reduce some mowing and fertilization there to save those costs but they will still be available for use."

Cutting down on maintenance will save about $25,000 but there's a second possible change: turning baseball fields into open play spaces

"The baseball fields that we would take out of service, we need to save about $20,000 so that's the target there."

Some little league teams would have to pick a new field out of the more than 150 in the county. This decision will also impact elementary schools.  In fact, eight different campuses will be affected.  Some of their fields will be less-maintained.  Some of those students will now have to go without a baseball field because the fencing will be ripped up.

13 fields at the eight schools would be affected. Elementary, middle and high school students will feel the impact.

"We still have to have some discussion with the school staff to understand any concerns that they might have."

Little leagues that start up in the fall will be the first to notice a difference.  But again, this is just a recommendation, an advisory board will have the final say on the fate of these fields.

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