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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - More people are heading to school to learn how to tap into their intuitive and even psychic abilities.  Sunni Blevins investigated this trend and has more.

Sunni says, A lot of what we found is a direct result of the economy.  Some people are searching for healing during a difficult time in their lives, and it's leading them in a unique direction.

If you've ever had a gut instinct, a hunch, maybe dream that came true: then you've had a psychic experience.  That's according to leaders at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightment in Virginia Beach.

Kevin Todeschi with ARE says, "Edgar Cayce was a psychic who lived between 1877 and 1945, and for 43 years of his adult life he gave psychic readings on virtually any topic."

Sunni says, "this is the actual couch that Edgar Cayce used when he gave thousands of readings on every topic from poison ivy to the eventual population of Virginia Beach. People still research his readings today for guidance and even for help tapping into their own intuitive abilities.

Renee' Branch says, "if I hadn't listened to myself, I would probably be at some job that I didn't really like."

Renee Branch started looking to Cayce's readings for guidance when she was just a teenager.

After several jobs in the restaurant industry, then with web design, she says in the nick of time while working for a dot com in St. Louis, her own psychic abilities led her to a happier job in massage therapy

Branch says, "soon after that they merged with another company and my job would have been over anyways, so I listened to my intuition and got out before it happened. "

Contrary to what you might be thinking, this isn't about foretelling lottery numbers or contacting a dead relative.  Branch and thousands of others are just learning to better develop their intuitive skills.

Todeschi says, "we have conference programs and workshops, and those programs deal with anything from dream interpretation and psychic development to ancient mysteries and Atlantis to medical intuition, health."

Psychic Mary Roach does readings as her everyday job, but also teaches here.

Roach says, "the way I teach it is if you have a pulse, then you have the right to tune into your inner purpose and let your soul speak to you, which is what intuition is."

Roach and others at ARE say there's always been an interest in this work, but recently, they have noticed a major trend change.

Todeschi says, "we actually have lots and lots of people asking about economic healing and prosperity."

In fact, Todeshi is in the process of compiling all the information about these topics in Cayce's readings into one place where people can come for help.  And, you don't have to travel to Virginia Beach.

There's lot of information on the internet, plus here in Richmond, Karen Madison teaches similar subjects that focus on empowering people through their intuitive skills.

She's also seen a trend recently towards career guidance.

Madison says, "they're really coming in looking for a way to move through this very conflicted world and troubles world and find that inner peace."

Madison says practice makes perfect.

Madison says, "it's like any instrument, the more you practice it, the more you engage with it, the better you are at accessing it and exercising it on a daily basis."

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