Cash for appliances program still available

By Gene Petriello - bio | email
Posted By Shoshannah Nunez - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Cash for Appliances program here in Virginia is now a week old. There is still money available, but some of the items that you can get rebates for are quickly selling out.

Since this program began just a week ago, the shipments of appliances at one Lowe's in Richmond are coming in much more frequently. But there is one catch about this program that you just may not know about.

In the seven days since it began, sales from the cash for appliance program are exceeding manager Casey Czajkowski's expectations.

"We are definitely seeing new foot traffic with the new rebate program driving people in. If nothing else, they are curious about what's going on," says Casey.

Meanwhile back at the state office that's monitoring this program, things are pretty much right on track.

"We frankly expected there would be more of a rush and we're pleased that it didn't turn out to be a madhouse," says Director of Energy, Al Christopher.

Statewide, more than $7 million dollars in rebates is available for buying energy efficient items. There are six appliances on that list, but here's the catch: there is a certain amount of money allotted to each item. So far, the hottest appliance is washing machines.

The Lowe's we went to is seeing first hand that more people are willing to replace their washers, even if it's not needed.

Statewide, 77% of the money for washing machines is gone already. Once the money is gone, you can still apply, but you'll only make it onto a wait list for now.

But that does not mean the cash for appliance program is completely over.

"As long is there is money left for even one of the items, the program will continue until the last dollar is spent," says Christopher.

In all, the entire program should last about a month or more. If there's money still left from less popular items, the state may use the cash toward rebates that ran out.

That's good news for appliance stores in our area.

"This is out time of the year. It's spring and a lot of people are out shopping. Then, you add the rebate program it's really helping move the business along," says Casey.

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