UVA students hold silent memorial

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - As disturbing details emerge about the death of a UVA senior, the campus is trying to find ways to deal with the tragedy. A university sponsored vigil will be held Wednesday night. Meantime, students are coping in their own ways.

22 year old Yeardley Love was set to walk the lawn behind the rotunda in three weeks as part of the university's graduation ceremony. The students who live around here came together tonight in a show of solidarity, honoring their classmate.

When you mention the lawn at UVA, everyone knows what you're talking about. It is the place where students gather. Whether to study, talk, or unwind, this is the center of campus. Tuesday night, candle light flickered throughout these grounds. Students put small candles outside their doors in remembrance of Yeardley Love who was murdered Monday.

They didn't want to talk on camera; they tell us it's a way of coping.

On any given night, especially the last night of classes, the streets of the corner district would be alive with students celebrating the end of the semester; one day after tragedy hit this campus, only a handful were out.

UVA senior Samantha Mackey is set to graduate in three weeks. Love won't be at that ceremony.

"It definitely puts everything in perspective, so it's really important," said Mackey.

After accused murderer and fellow senior George Huguely was arraigned in court Tuesday morning, word of the horrific nature of Love's death spread through the student body.

"She didn't deserve it in any way. I don't care what happened, what occurred," said Marcus Greene who has met Yeardley Love.

"I feel so badly for her. I mean it could have been me. I'm the same age. I go to the same university. I've dated people. It could have happened to anyone and it's just so sad to hear that this could happen to someone as promising and as bright as a student here at UVA," said UVA Senior Michelle Lamont.

The university will hold a vigil Wednesday night. The event will be at 8:00 p.m. at the Amphitheater. The student body president said tonight it is important for the community to grieve together. 

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