Fans at Richmond International Raceway affected by heat wave

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -The sunshine made for a great day at the race-track!

But the heat made things a little more complicated for emergency personnel at the track.

E-M-S crews walked through the crowds all around the track helping out with any issues that arose...many heat related.

The goal was to make it through a long day of eating and drinking to that final moment when most of the 43 drivers sped through 400 laps right into victory lane.

But in order to see that checkered flag with temperatures in the 80s, NASCAR fans needed to follow this advice.

"Just make sure you drink plenty of fluids, stay hydrated, sunglasses, sun screen, hat, all those are preventative measures to make sure you have a fun and safe day," recommended Chris Buehren.

Advice that NASCAR fan, Patty Throckmorton, agreed with.

"We pack tons of water, tons of water. That's the secret: stay on the water."

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