Dedicated fans ready for race weekend

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - NASCAR fever is in full swing tonight! Thousands of fans are flocking to the Richmond International Raceway this weekend for the big races. The rising temperatures aren't scaring them away.

Locations are not on a first come first serve basis either; these campers call ahead because they come here year after year.

"I've been coming down here for 6 or 7 years, I suppose and we had to pay $100 for a 10x24 piece of land," said fan Brian Napier.

It's good money for area residents.

"It's going to make my mortgage payment this month," said homeowner Peggy Guiles.

"This is what we do down here at the NASCAR race, we're cooking up some food right here, on a small little grill, these things are down," Napier said.

Almost everywhere you turn someone's cooking something, and everyone seems to know everyone around them. They've got tents and awnings to hide from the heat. And it looks crowded, but residents have noticed some of the regulars aren't here this year.

"It's calm, like on Fridays it used to be all this used to be packed like Saturdays, but you can see it's not like that," said Louise Faulkner who lives near the track.

The economy has hit even the most dedicated fans.

"The same thing, people losing their jobs things are different," said Faulkner.

Inside the gates seasoned fans are soaking up some sun. Claudia Martin and her friends have been coming to the race for six years.

"We just finished having some fun. She just finished flirting with someone, had a good time...yup, yup," said Martin.

There were no lone rangers here and no shade except for what you brought yourself, through nobody seemed bothered by the heat.

"The weather is fine nice and sunny, no rain; who can ask for anything different," said Marshall.

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