Lesbian student "not feminine enough" for graduation?

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) – "I'm wearing shorts but I made it into a skirt to make me feel more comfortable," said 18 year-old Tiffany Johnson. She's outraged she's being told by school administrators to wear a dress to her high school graduation. The outfit she wore to school for her senior assembly pictures is the same outfit she planned to wear on graduation day.

"I was told as I walked in the building that I was not permitted to wear the shoes that I was wearing and the shirt because they were not feminine enough," said Johnson. "I never wear dresses to school. I never wear skirts to school and I feel for them to try and make me do it now it's not right."

Administrators outline the appropriate attire for the graduation ceremony in the school newsletter, which clearly states that girls are asked to wear dresses and white dress shoes. Of course that will be covered by their cap and gown.

When asked if she thinks that they are attacking her because she's a lesbian Johnson said, "I feel that way. I do."

And if she's still forced to wear a dress underneath her gown, Johnson plans to boycott the graduation ceremony. Her girlfriend and classmate is standing by her side.

"I completely respect her decision and I feel like it's the right one to do," said Johnson's girlfriend Shelby Edwards. "She shouldn't have to walk across the stage if she's not comfortable."

Johnson claims she's not trying to revolt, she just wants to be able to be herself.

"I didn't earn my diploma in a dress," she said. "I don't feel comfortable in this and I shouldn't have to wear this. I shouldn't be made to wear this. I earned this and I should be able to wear what I need to wear."

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