Stolen pig found on Eastern Henrico high school roof

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Meg Thalhimer - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - It's a heist you can't make up. Willie, a giant pink pig, is stolen from Willis United Methodist Church.  Members, worried the oinker would miss a BBQ, quickly put out an All Points Bulletin: "Help us! Somebody stole our pig!"

With an AWOL pig Friday morning, things really heated up as church members prepped for a Saturday fundraiser.

"We'll forever be known as the church that lost their pig," said church member Tami Seeders.  Willie is not the type of pork that sizzles.

"It's big. It's 6X4. It's ply board and it's pink. You can't miss it. So it would have had to have been 2-3 people that would have gotten it," said Seeders.  "They even took the poles- the chain that it was attached to and they took the poles right along with it."

The 2-year old porker, that cost $100 to create, was planted on the side of Darbytown Road three weeks ago.  Sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning the rosy guy, that advertised the churches annual BBQ, disappeared.

"I guess Varina High School wants to change their name from the Blue Devils to the Pink Pigs," said Tom Nikols the church member that created Willie.

Late this morning a flyer was taken to Varina High School, which is just 10 miles up the road.  Thirty minutes later Willie popped up.

"Somebody took our pig and put it on the roof of Varina High School," said Seeders.

Melissa Correa: "We know pigs can't fly."
Tom Nikols: "Apparently this one can." 
Melissa Correa: "How high did it go?" 
Tom Nikols: "I don't know. Apparently they said it was on the auditorium, so they must have jumped pretty high."
Melissa Correa: "What do you think about that?"
Tami Seeders: "Whoever did it, they're over at Varina High School and shame on you!"

Even though a report was filed with police, the students, whoever they are, won't face charges.  Church members are just glad Willie's been put to good use- drawing attention, even from high schoolers.

"I think that they ought to come down here tomorrow and buy some BBQ is what I think they ought to do as their punishment. We don't' know who they are, but God does," said Seeders.

Now that Willie's been reigned in he's not going anywhere. He's under lock and key, chained to a post and will be under surveillance until the BBQ begins on Saturday at 1 p.m.

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