VCU raising tuition for 2010

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It will cost you more to send your son or daughter to VCU next year. The university is raising tuition to offset the sour economy, disappearing federal stimulus dollars, and a drop in funding from the state.

"We've absorbed 8,500 students with $13-million less than we had at the beginning of the decade," said Panny Rhodes with the VCU Board of Visitors.

In-state students will pay $1,700 more next year, which brings tuition to nearly $9,000 a year. Out of state students face a $1200 increase, which puts their costs at nearly $22,000.

Some of that money will go to beef up financial aid. The school's alumni associations will also start a new campaign to raise $50-million for scholarships.

"We have just reached a point where we do not have enough faculties for the courses the students need. Our classes are way too big. Our financial aid does not meet needs," said Rhodes.

Some students said they understood the reasons for the increase, but still didn't like it.

"It makes sense but it's still not great for us. I mean, God I love VCU, but this is hard," said VCU junior Yvonna Walton.

Others worried they wouldn't be able to afford the extra hit.

"I know a lot of people who can't afford school already and on top of that there's, like text books, and like lab fees, and stuff that you already have to pay for," said freshman Ayana Wilson.

"I 'm living on my own. We're trying to support ourselves and $2,000 extra almost a semester? That's really tough," said Sam Robinson, junior.

In fact we could only find one student who supported the increase.

"It's kind of needed. I mean every school is basically doing it in Virginia, so it's, whatever," said sophomore Michael Foster.

The school says it's not out of the woods yet. It may consider another hike in tuition this time next year.

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