Undelivered mail washes up in Bon Air creek

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -  Even though piles of mail were just recovered from a creek near Old Bon Air Road, bits and pieces remain.  The US Postal Service is now investigating how DVD's and first-class mail ended up soaking wet.

"My neighbor from across the street came up to me and asked have you been missing any mail recently," said resident Ritchie Johnson.

Tuesday night Johnson got word his mail may have washed up in a creek off of Old Bon Air road.

"There were like NetFlix CD's in there.  I saw somebody's, it looked like a mail order delivery prescription and a bunch of other assorted mail," he said.

Most of the mail is mushy and unrecognizable.

"(In) my personal opinion, it looks like somebody might have just dumped it in the ditch there.  And it might have been somebody filling in, just kind of got tired and didn't want to finish the delivery," said Johnson.

The US Postal Service was unaware of the nearly liquefied mail before our report.  It says no Bon Air residents have complained about missing mail.

"We have had pretty bad, sporadic delivery from that post office," said Johnson.

Johnson says on April 7 he didn't receive any mail. A Bon Air woman tells NBC12 that on the same day no mail was delivered to her town home community.  She was expecting her bank statement and medical records. She said she filed a complaint with the Post Office.

"People's personal, private information. That's pretty scary," Johnson said.

The Postal Service isn't commenting but did start an investigation today.  It's unclear how long the correspondence had been in the creek or if any more mail floated downstream.

The US Postal Service says every piece of mail that is identifiable will be delivered once the investigation is complete.

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