Graffiti continues throughout Richmond; 6 arrests made

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The graffiti problem continues throughout the City of Richmond. So far, six arrests have been made and more are expected.

As the weather warms up, people who live in The Fan are seeing more tagging, graffiti in their neighborhood. The new thing they are seeing is 'fly' and it's popping up all over the area.

John Lindner takes us on a walk through the alleyway behind his Fan District home, a place just riddled with graffiti.

"In the Fan, graffiti is everywhere from tagging their own name to hitting your trash can to someone writing on sign posts," he said.

That, to someone even using his property to deface a building.

"Someone climbed on top of our garage roof and actually sprayed 'stupid' across the apartment building brick wall. Not only is it impossible to get off, but we have to look at the word 'stupid' for the rest of our lives," adds Lindner.

Now, the graffiti is spilling into others parts of the city.  On the Northside we found garage doors and walls filled with the tagging, just like The Fan alleyways.

"As long as the graffiti is up it brings more graffiti into the neighborhood. So, we try to get it stopped and removed as quickly as possible," says Officer Hawkins Kuper, with Richmond Police.

Right now, police are on the hunt for whoever is writing on the walls to add to the arrests they've already made. So people like John don't have to stare at any more problems, like the one next door him, everyday.

Something interesting to note is how easy it is for graffiti artists to just tag neighborhood. We're told the word 'fly' here, police say, probably takes 20 seconds or less to write and then it's on to the next spot.

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