Delegate proposing bill after deadly high speed chase

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Lawmakers are hoping lessons will be learned from a high speed police pursuit that ended in the death of a local pastor.

Monday morning Delegate Delores McQuinn will discuss a bill she plans to submit that could change state law when it comes to high speed chases.

The community surrounding that pastor's church is still reeling from the loss.

In many cases the shock has turned to anger.

Now that anger is prompting action in the hopes no one else will have to deal with this kind of tragedy.

The scene at the corner of P and 31st Streets was a living nightmare for United House of Prayer for All People's Assistant Pastor Antoine Brown.

"I see it or watch them on documentaries and speed shows all the time just never thought it would hit so close to home," he said.

The same goes for Delegate McQuinn.

She lives around the corner from the church where Apostle Anthony Taylor preached.

Taylor was killed when his truck collided with a car involved in a high speed chase.

McQuinn says almost a month later, questions still surround the tragedy.

"You want to know if it was something that could have been prevented," she said.

The bill McQuinn plans to draft for next year's session will set guidelines for when police pursuits are necessary and justifiable.

"If it's for something other than some egregious crime, how do we do something else, find alternatives to police chases," said McQuinn.

26-year-old Darryl Harris is accused of leading police on a chase from Henrico to Richmond after he was stopped at a checkpoint but drove away.

"I'm just not sure that it was absolutely necessary I'm thinking that something else could have been done," said McQuinn.

McQuinn also wants police to consider the geography and lay out of the areas they're speeding through.

"When you get to certain areas of a community that is as concentrated as this, then when do you determine that the police chase needs to be called off because I don't believe those things are worth someone being killed for," she said.

McQuinn will hold that news conference Monday morning at 11:00 at the corner of P and 31st Streets.

Local police departments are also planning a summit to go over chase policies.

No date has been set yet.

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