Man attacked by wolf hybrid dog in Fan District

By Nicole Bell - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Some residents in Richmond's Fan District  want a dangerous dog removed from their neighborhood.  Part of the reason why is based on the animal's breed.

Three year old Koga is part dog and part wolf.  A yard on North Lombardy Street is the animal's home. Koga's owner ask we not reveal his identity.

"He's a really nice dog. He's caring.   I've had him with another husky and cat and they all get along," the man said.

The owner of the animal says he wasn't home when Koga got through a hole in the fence and bit his neighbor on the wrist.

Because of the attack the dog is now deemed dangerous by the city.

The owner was ordered by the court to take certain measures, including putting up a  fence and signs to better protect the public.

But some residents say that's not enough.  They call Koga unpredictable and dangerous.

"It's unsafe because this is an urban area with many people," said John Gilbody.

The Fan District Association wants Koga out of the neighborhood.

"We have a lot of children here.  There's a school three blocks away from where this animal is housed. The concern is that the animal will get loose and attack a child," Gilbody said.

When it comes to wolf hybrid dogs like Koga, experts say, the danger of the dog, in part, depends on how much wolf is in it.

"The more wild you have in that animal the more predatory insight you have.  They are not considered high on the list of bites in particular in urban areas where smaller dogs are more likely to bite," said Dr. Marissa Gonzalez.

As for Koga's owner, he says he just wants the situation to be over.

"As soon as I'm able to financially I'm just going to remove myself from the city -- myself and my dogs," the owner said.

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