Colonial Heights adds severe weather warning sirens

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WWBT) - With severe weather season soon to be here, the City of Colonial Heights is doing something they say has never been done before in our area.

They now have three emergency weather warning sirens up in the city, to let you know of severe weather rolling in.

Colonial Heights has seen it's share of destruction and some people never knew it was coming. But now, that will change, with three, emergency weather sirens strategically located around the city.

"If we have tornados we'll definitely know cause we can hear it. So close to the homes," says Kimberly Hargrove, who lives in Colonial Heights.

Hargrove knows just how loud the sirens are. She lives next door to one and just last week, the city used them because of bad weather.

"It hurts the ears a lot. But, I guess it's a good thing to have," adds Hargrove.

The city thinks so too. It used to have just this one warning siren, which covered only a third of the city. But, thanks to a $50,000 grant from Virginia Department of Emergency Management added two more sirens, now 95 percent of the city is covered.

"If you are outside playing on a soccer field, cutting the grass, washing the car this way you can be alerted to severe weather and take shelter," adds Fire Chief A.G. Moore.

When the sirens go off, they will sound for one minute, for every severe thunderstorm or tornado warning issued.

"But, if you have a tornado, sometimes if you have a siren or not, it's there. So, you have to take your precautions regardless," adds Kimberly.

Precautions the city hopes you'll take, no matter when these sirens go off. "You just hope and pray you get through it," adds Hargrove.

These early warning weather sirens are part of a bigger weather notification system Colonial Heights uses.

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