Census form shortage in Petersburg

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – About a thousand Petersburg residents have not received a census form in the mail and likely will not. The problem is their address.

Some of those folks who have not gotten a form in the mail live in new apartment complexes and structures that didn't exist when census workers conducted a site survey in the city.

Lagina Pratt has been waiting and waiting for a census form to appear in her mailbox.

"I was expecting it to come.  I never received one," said Pratt.

City leaders say they're working to fill in the gap.

"We're making a list of all the complexes and any places we feel they may not have surveyed when they came through a year or so ago," said city spokesperson, Joanne Williams.

Impacted residents are being urged to pick up a census form at the main library or at the clerk of council's office. But there's another problem. Forms are limited at those locations.

"A lot of people in Petersburg have been missed by the initial mailing of the census form. We need forms to give these people so they can fill them out and mail them in. If not we feel Petersburg will be way under counted," said Williams.

Census data is used to determine how billions of dollars will be divided amongst states and localities.

"We've been told at a minimum when you divide the money out you're looking at $1400 per person not counted. We just want some blank forms and if we don't get them we'll keep proceeding and trying to make sure everyone is counted," Williams said.

As for Pratt, she stopped waiting and went to pick up one of the few census forms left in the city.

If you have not received a census form in the mail and would like one sent to your home you can call the census help line at 1-866-872-6868.

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