Henrico family says pit bull attacked and killed their dog

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The owners of a Yorkshire terrier puppy want something done about a  pit bull they say attacked and killed their beloved pet.

A 13 year old girl was walking Sasha, the yorkie, at the time. But the pit bull's owner is defending her dog. The pit bull is in the custody of Henrico Animal Control and a judge could soon decide whether to deem the animal dangerous.

Sasha's family say they already know that answer. But the pit bull's owner says her dog is the complete opposite. A playful Sasha ---caught on tape ---moments before her family says the puppy succumbed to a brutal attack by her neighbor's dog.

"He did kill my dog. Not a question there. He crushed her, you know, he crushed the larynx. Basically she couldn't breath and was swelling up on the inside," said Addison Brown.

Brown says he was caring for Sasha for one of his daughter's who went off to college. On April 8, Brown's says his 13 year old daughter was walking Sasha on Jan Road when a pit bull attacked. Sierra Brown says a woman nearby stepped in.

"She tried to get the dog away from Sasha, but by the time she put her in my hands she was already swelled up and had a scratch on her neck," said Brown.

Deanna Adams says she owns the pit bull named Deuce.

"I think what it is, honestly, is Deuce is a big dog he does not know his size he's a big baby," said Adams.

Adams says she was home, but didn't "see" what happened. She says Deuce got out of the house while her son and a friend were playing.

"As they went into the house Deuce runs out. Well as he ran out he sees the dog and runs up to the dog and he was playing with the dog," said Adams.

Henrico police say the pit bull grabbed the yorkie by its throat. Adams says Deuce only pawed at the yorkie.

"Didn't shake it like a rag doll, oh no not at all," said Adams.

Brown says the county should step up and do something about the pit bull. He doesn't want it back in the neighborhood.

"This dog killed another animal and could have attacked my daughter. What if it was my daughter," asked Brown.

Henrico Animal Control officials say the pit bull doesn't have a  history of being dangerous. The owner will likely be summoned to court on Monday. If she contests the recommendations of animal control, the case will go before a judge.

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