Fort A.P. Hill officials to meet with community

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

CAROLINE, VA (WWBT) – Fort A.P. Hill leaders plan to meet tonight with the community to talk about findings of a proposed explosive ordinance disposal school.

Residents in the town of Port Royal have differing opinions about the training facility.  Some feel the noise will damage their property and overall quality of life. Others say they've accepted it as part of living here and understand the training has to take place somewhere.

Residents we spoke with say when you live close to Fort A.P. Hill, you get used to certain things.

Warren Grinde says, "when you hear a big boom, everything in the house shakes, the pictures on the wall and everything."

Grinde says he know that an EOD training facility would mean more of that, but he's okay with it.

Grinde says, "they've got to train someplace you know. We can't send our boys over there and not have them trained."

Other's believe the training facility could bring unwelcome repercussions.

Mayor Nancy long says, "the main concern is the impact it's going to have on our property and our right to enjoy our property with peace and quiet."

The army conducted a noise study, which they will discuss at tonight's meeting.

More than 1,800 blasts were set off, and the study found no noise was loud enough to damage buildings.

Penny Fones says she's never noticed any problems with current training.

Penny says, "with it being a military base, I'm pretty agreeable to what they need to do.  When you hear them, they still sound as if they are off in a distance, so you really don't pay a lot of attention to them. "

If you'd like to attend tonight's meeting, it starts at 6 p.m. It's being held at the US Army Reserve Center just off of Route 17.

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