City answers questions about placement of parking signs in The Fan

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Residents say parking signs are causing confusion in The Fan and ultimately landing them with tickets. They called NBC12 with questions and we went to the City for answers.

Driving through The Fan you'll see dozens of cars parked right up to the end of the street. Residents told us they believe the cars are parked legally because they are within the permit signs. Police officers are issuing tickets, however, because the cars are parked within twenty feet of an intersection, violating city ordinance. We wanted to know, why the city placed the sign at the end of the street instead of 20ft back in the first place.

We went to Richmond's Department of Public Works, which is responsible for posting these signs.

"The intent of putting it here is so the cars to our immediate side and the several behind here, the first cars parking here, they will be able to clearly see a sign," said City Transportation Engineer Thomas Flynn.

Flynn told us one could argue the signs should be placed further back to correlate with the 20ft law, but given the landscape of The Fan, that's not always possible.

"A lot of times it's sort of putting it as best you can where generally it should be put," he said.

Flynn agreed it may be confusing to drivers, but the permit signs are not boundaries for parking zones.

"It's not a sign that's defining a specific location," Flynn said. "It's that whole block. It's that whole area of the curb."

With the thousands of parking signs in the city, one can only imagine the resources it would take to repost each one.

Flynn said his department will look into signs residents think are confusing. They need file a formal complaint by calling 311.

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