UPDATE: Morning fire in Chesterfield destroys home

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Fire investigators are working to figure out what started an early morning house fire in Chesterfield.  Right now the Red Cross is helping a family of four that was inside.

The fire started around 5:15 a.m. at the home on Bermuda Point Court.  The home is a total loss, but no one was hurt.

Chesterfield fire officials have ruled the fire to be accidental and they believe it was caused by an electrical problem.

The women who lives in the home was too shaken up to go on camera. She said the smell of smoke woke her up. For some reason the phone wasn't working, so she actually had to drive to the fire department to tell them her house was on fire.

"I don't understand why the phones wasn't working either, but I just thank the lord that my family is okay," said Tyesha Diggs.

Diggs said she's thankful to these firefighters and the Lord above.

Her mother, Cheryl, said she smelled smoke coming from the back of the house possibly, inside the garage.

She also says she saw flames shooting out of a fuse box.  She thinks that's what may have messed up the phones.

Diggs stops by to see her mom every morning, and this time it was a terrifying trip.

Diggs says, "it was still smoking, there was a little bit of fire left, but I ran from the truck and ran all the way down here down the road, and I thought it was just something small, but the whole house was gone."

Firefighters battled heavy flames at this home.

Officials says it was initially a defensive operation, which means that fire was so heavy, they could only fight it from outside at first.  The homeowner had a catering and vending machine business that she ran out of her home.  She says most of her equipment burned up.

Diggs says she not quite sure what her family will do now, but at least they're alive to figure it out.

Tyesha says, "that's material stuff, that can be replaced, my family can't be replaced."

If you would like to help this family or other fire victims, you can donate to the American red cross. They've already helped with several other fires in just the past two weeks.

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