Don't feed the geese in Richmond parks

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – They are annual visitors to Richmond parks, and city officials are hoping you can help keep it that way. These big beautiful birds can be very friendly if you offer them something to eat, but doing so can turn them into neighbors that never go away- literality.

These geese are on their way back to Canada. They are migratory birds that fly south for the winter and head back north for the summer. Central Virginia is just a pit stop along the way. However, if they find out that there is a constant supply of food to be had from the visitors of Richmond's parks, they may just decide to make this their permanent home. Once they overstay their welcome, they become annoying and unsanitary and almost impossible to get rid of.

"When you figure the average Canada goose will drop between one and two pounds of droppings a day, that is 300 pounds a day, 1 ton over a week, it just gets to be a mess," said J.R. Pope, City of Richmond Department of Parks.

"It's a lot, you got to watch your step, you don't want to have no nasty shoes or nothing," said Shelly Beebs who uses the park often.

The city department of parks has signs begging people not to feed the geese, but the signs are often ignored, forcing the department to get aggressive. Once it appears that geese don't have any plans to go anywhere, the city will bring in border collies to harass the birds, with the goal of getting them on their way.

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