BBB explains high costs for pageants

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Flyers advertise that you could be a star in Hollywood and they're being marketed to young girls in our area. While the idea of stardom may be attractive, a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau warns parents going this route could be costly.

"The target market for this kind of an offer are young teenage girls, who are very emotional," said BBB spokesperson, Barbara Homiller. "What they're hearing is the opportunity for glamour, for acceptance, for being told how pretty they are."

National America Miss is the company making these promises. A quick scan of the flyer shows a $240 fee to cover the cost of sponsors and registration. While the Better Business Bureau is not doubting the company's credibility, it's urging parents to ask questions before they shell out cash.

"What is the total expense going to be because there's definitely going to be an expense with something like that," said Homiller. "What kind of a contract are they going to have to sign?"

Al Beaman's daughter received one of these flyers in the mail. He hopes parents really look into this type of pageant promise before spending too much.

"They were asking for money and this next pageant was $480," said Beaman. "Beware of it because they're promising a lot."

The Better Business Bureau spokesperson has found no reason to believe these pageant promises aren't legit. They just want parents to know that if they're hoping their child will make it big in one of these pageants, it's likely not going to be for free.

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