County approval needed for possible Chesterfield landfill expansion

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Shoosmith Brothers Landfill owns about 600 acres of land, but right now it's only permitted to dump waste on 200 acres. It wants to make some changes to the process, but it needs the county's approval first.

Waste from Chesterfield and out-of-state areas are dumped daily, right next to an active granite quarry. Shoosmith owns the quarry and in 1997, got county approval to use it as a dump site once mining operations stopped in 2018. The expansion approval came with 24 stipulations.... 3 of which, the company now wants reversed.

Shoosmith Brothers wants to even out the landfill area. It also wants to get into the quarry sooner and once there, it wants to be able to dump out-of-state waste.

"It means that we are able to continue doing business at the same rate that we are today. We're not asking to increase waste capacity. And actually, the truck traffic would stay at the same rate that we are today," said Mike Coal of Shoosmith Brothers Landfill.

If the changes aren't approved, out-of-state waste disposal will stop in the next few years. The landfill will then have to lay off some of its 130 workers, or raise disposal prices.

"The old front of the landfill, it's roughly 100 feet lower than where we are currently standing," Coal said.

County approval is also needed to even out the hills with more trash. Bill Meador lives less than 2 miles from the trash pile. He has no problems with the stipulation changes.

"I don't think they would do anything to intentionally harm the community," Meador said.

But the county wants more details before making a decision.

In May, the planning commission will take up the issue. If it gives a thumb up, it will then move on to the board of supervisors for the final approval.

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