Opening day at Kings Dominion will be a little greener

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – When Kings Dominion opens this Friday, you'll notice a subtle change -- recycling bins. It's a big change for the amusement park.

Kings Dominion is all about fun, but it is a business too -- so when management learned it could save money by recycling, it was a done deal.

"And now, it's coming down to cost and budgets -- it's the right thing to do," said John Pagel, marketing manager for Kings Dominion.

The numbers make sense here. There's so much stuff to recycle, Kings Dominion can save money by hauling less to the dump.

"There are so many things we didn't know we could recycle and now we can. And we get so much of it... It's a great idea," Pagel said.

When the first park visitors arrive Friday, they will see the new recycling bins in addition to regular trash cans. That's a lot of bottles -- and an obvious place to start with recycling.

But there were some surprises when Chesterfield's TFC Recycling came to access the park's recycling opportunities with an audit.  They looked at the trash and found more recyclable items.

"The shrink wrap, the packaging for their plush animals.  That was a find we did not expect that we would get here," said David Petrine of TFC Recycling.

Each palette that shows up at the loading dock is wrapped with shrink wrap -- that'll be recycled.  So will the plastic covering for the animal prizes.  But don't put that in your curbside bin at home.

"Everything in recycling is about the tonnage -- the more tonnage you get, the more it makes sense to recycle," Petrine said.

TFC was eager to get Kings Dominion as a client because the park is huge. This year, fewer of the trash dumpster loads will go to the landfill, and the park expects the recycling numbers will be sky high.

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