McDonnell continues to focus on economy

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell seems focused on the task at hand and said job creation is still his top priority, even though he has been forced to deal with issues like health care, deep budget cuts and a controversial Attorney General.

McDonnell is strongly against the new federal health care reform plan, but he is preparing as if it is going to happen.

"We need to do to prepare for the fact that it may actually go forward and be implemented," said McDonnell.

Health care is just one of many issues McDonnell is forced tabs on. He is strongly supporting the advancement of charters schools, particularly one in Richmond. He also believes the opening of new trade offices abroad and investments in film production and the wine industry will soon turn into jobs.

"These are marvelous new tools that I've got and we are already planning, hey, how do I use those," said McDonnell.

But his optimism is tempered by the tough decisions that have been made, including deep cuts to education. In his mind a painful, but necessary decision.

"Every element of government has got to participate in the sacrifice and do a little bit more and be a little bit more creative," he said.

Those cuts have made the governor enemies in some sectors, but it is his work with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli that has been the most difficult to navigate. Despite reports from national outlets that claim their relationship is strained, McDonnell believes the two are working well together.

"I think people like to create conflict and strife, where there isn't any and that is a great example," McDonnell said. And according to McDonnell that or any other issue is not going to keep him from the job at hand.

We discussed many other issues with the governor, including how schools are dealing with the new cuts, and his thoughts about a potential NASCAR star turning to politics. You can read more about that and see extended clips on

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