Man arrested for threatening to kill Eric Cantor

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested for threatening to kill Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the House of Representatives, according to a Justice Department announcement today.

Today, a two-count complaint and warrant was filed charging Norman Leboon with threatening to kill United States Congressman Eric Cantor and his family.

As set forth in the affidavit to the complaint and warrant, in or about late March, 2010, Leboon created and then transmitted a YouTube video to Google over the internet, in which he threatened to kill Congressman Cantor and his family.  No harm came to the Congressman or his family as a result of Leboon's threats.

Cantor's office issued the following statement:

"Over the weekend, Congressman Cantor was notified by law enforcement that a threat was made against his life. Law enforcement officials informed Congressman Cantor that the threat was determined as credible and they were responding accordingly. The Congressman was later notified that an arrest was made and a suspect was in custody.

"At this time, the Congressman will have no further comment on this threat or the investigation, and asks that inquiries be directed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Congressman is deeply grateful for, and would like to dearly thank all local and federal law enforcement involved, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Attorney's Office in Virginia and Philadelphia, U.S. Capitol Police and the Henrico Police Department in Virginia."

United States Attorney Michael L. Levy said "the Department of Justice takes threats against government officials seriously, especially threats to kill or injure others. Whether the reason for the threat is personal or political, threats are not protected by the First Amendment and are crimes."

If convicted of all the charges, the defendant faces a maximum possible sentence of 15 years imprisonment, three years supervised release, a fine up to $500,000, and a $200 special assessment.

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