UPDATE: A bank glitch leaves a Chesterfield family with billions

Posted By Shoshannah Nuñez - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A glitch for Suntrust bank gives one family billions of dollars.

She was expecting a deposit by Monday but there was far more than just a paycheck in Stephanie Hickman's account Saturday morning.

Of course, the Hickman's were honest and contacted the bank. The problem is the bank can't help them.

When her husband called Suntrust to report the error, even the managers couldn't fix it.

"My husband talked to three different people and they all told us they can't access the account and they can't fix the problem," Hickman says.

Hickman could not use her account at all until Monday. She was worried about buying groceries and is stuck at home for the weekend. She was able to access her bank account today.

"Everything's frozen, online banking, mobile banking," she said Saturday.

"I'm not saying that the 88 billion is my money, but the $150 at least that we had in the account was my money and now I can't even access that."

Hickman said Suntrust told her to wait until Monday and asked her to make due with whatever cash is in her wallet.

The Hickmans have had the Suntrust account since December. Up until today, they've had no problems.

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