Health Care Freedom Act signed by governor

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The debate is heating up over health care reform and Virginia is at the center of the fight. Today, Governor Bob McDonnell signed into law a measure that would make a key part of the federal health care reform law, illegal in the commonwealth.

That law makes federally mandated health insurance illegal in Virginia. It is one example of the clear distinctions democrats and republicans are drawing in this heated issue.

Republicans and democrats know what they want. Democrats want health care reform. Republicans want the feds to butt out.

"They keep losing and now this is just another way to keep the fight going," said Richmond Delegate Jennifer McLellan.

"It is the kind of provision that should really shock the conscious," McDonnell said.

The fierce debate knows no bounds. McLellan, who pointed out that it was a republican, Teddy Roosevelt that started the health care reform debate, compared standing in the way of health care reform today, to standing in the way of civil rights in the 60's.

"It is constitutional, it is needed and I think it is time for them to give up the fight," McLellan said.

But Governor McDonnell said that even though a similar legal argument is being made, the issues are completely different.

"I don't see any merit to that argument or any connection between the two," said McDonnell.

McDonnell also pointed out that several leading democrats, voted in favor of the bill he was signing today. So while the politicians continue their war of words, the fight will really be waged in a court of law. The outcome promises to impact Virginia and the rest of America for some to come.

Democrats today filed a freedom of information request demanding to know how much money filing the lawsuit is costing taxpayers. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said that costs are all contained within his office and the only additional charge was $350 - the cost to physically file the lawsuit.

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