Chesterfield neighborhood asks for increased speeding fine

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A new fee could put the brakes on a dangerous problem in one Chesterfield neighborhood. Salem Woods residents want a $200-fine tacked onto traffic tickets for speeding.

Don't let all the stop signs fool you. According to Salem Woods resident Cliff Bickford, the red alerts aren't keeping some drivers at bay.

"The main issues that we have are both with speeding and the stop signs not being observed.  And with the park that we have nearby and the families that go into that park, it concerns us that something tragic could happen," said Bickford.

Families who live in one of the 350 homes are battling drivers who cut through their 25 mile per hour neighborhood.

"We believe we've actually seen people come through here, upwards of 60 mph," he said.

Jim Holland, Dale District Supervisor, is ready to slam the brakes on violators.

"VDOT completed traffic studies and with those studies we detected and determined that there was in fact a problem with those exceeding the speed limit in that neighborhood," Holland said.

Based on the study, VDOT recommends an enhanced fine speed zone.

"So that there will be a $200 additional fine for anyone that is caught speeding through this neighborhood," Bickford said.

Signs would go up along two roads: Post Horn and Old Warson which is where the community park sits.

"We want people to be well-aware that if they come through here and speed, they will get a significant fine," Bickford said.

After implementing a neighborhood watch and paying Chesterfield police for added patrols...residents say the signs are the best option.

"We're hopeful within 30 days that all the necessary signage will go up warning folks that his is an enhanced fine speed zone," said Bickford.

Supervisor Jim Holland hopes other supervisors will agree the enhanced fine speed zone is needed.

It will be voted on during the board's meeting Wednesday night.

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