INTERVIEW: Localities compete for Google super-fast internet experiment

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The internet giant Google is in the process of picking a city to use as an experiment for the introduction of super-fast connection to the web. Cities from all over the country are competing to be granted free access to broadband network that promises to move 100 times faster than the internet we are accustomed to.

Richmond is among the cities competing to be the guinea pig for this project and joining us to talk about the campaign is Andreas Addison from the city's information technology department. 

Q: What could this mean for Richmond?

We consider this project the technological equivalent of winning the Olympics. That is one of the reason the mayor seen this a great opportunity to make Richmond become a tier one city. This could mean the opportunity for us to develop educational possibilities for everyone in the entire society, and it's one of the things we see this as a benefit for. It benefits everybody from the public school systems to those professionals in the field looking for ways to benefit themselves as well.

If somebody is interested in this and wants to take part, how do you nominate Richmond in an interest of catching Google's eye?

That's a great point. One of the things we did this project is we wanted to partner with our creative community in the city, creating a website, supporting the Facebook page and other aspects of social media. With that, we want people to go to the website a gigarva dot com. Also follow us on Facebook. Keep us up-to-date on our process and application.

It probably seems pretty daunting. How is Google going to make this decision?

Google has made very little publicly known about how they're going to pick somebody, which of course is one of the interesting PR moves to make. Google is looking for a partner that's going to make this an easy project to where they can get a lot of benefit in terms of the population they're going to reach out to. Richmond has a great ability to connect them with more people they don't have access to. It gives Google an opportunity to create more people on the web. They're looking for a community that's going to help them develop a good network, work with them and make it easy and also get them on the global scheme of things in terms of location.

We should also point out Richmond, not the only local community vying for this. Henrico, Caroline and Colonial Heights, as well. Thank you for being here.

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