Getting the most out of your garden

By Tom Patton - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) –    Gardeners, get out your gloves. This is the time of year to start your spring garden.

I started this a few years ago and has learned from the experts over the years how to get the best results at home.

Composting: Mixing the soil, you're taking soil from the bottom and bringing it back to the top.  I'll add a little 10-10-10 which is a little fertilizer early on, sometimes a little lime just to take away the acidity.

Anytime I get eggshells, I'll throw those in.  You can put laundry lint in the garden, it absorbs water and retains water well. You can recycle your used coffee grounds by mixing them into the soil in early spring.

In March, you can plant in broccoli, I buy the plants, grows in 45-50 days.  By late April they'll be done and you throw in your warm stuff and you've got space for a couple different rotations here.

Bok choi? I like to leave a couple feet maybe two feet in between things like that.

All the little seedlings don't have to go very deep, half an inch, quarter of an inch.

The ways potatoes grow, you know I'll plant them this week, 4-6 inches deep, and they'll be ready by June.

I find little spaces around the house where moss is not growing because moss would typically mean it's too damp or too shaded. And there's at least a couple hours sun, even two hours will do the trick.  Probably mid may they'll be hundreds of strawberries growing, beautiful too.

I've got spinach in the ground, Swiss chard in the ground, carrots are in the ground, all from seed. The peas are from little tiny peas. These need to be caged because they grow up very high. I think you can do it on a pole or some people kind of make a teepee. They'll finish up in mid May and by that time the tomato plants are big enough so I'll just take the cages from there and put them on the tomato plants.

Cucumbers will grow in these as well, they vine up and hang very nicely. Cantaloupe too, I did those last year. I won't have to water it until mid or late April.

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