Calorie count to be added on most restaurant menus

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Part of the healthcare bill signed by President Obama today forces most restaurants to put a calorie count on their menus, menu boards and drive-throughs.

Right now, it takes some time to actually find the nutritional information at restaurants and fast food places. But now, it will soon be post at restaurants that have 20 or more locations.

Paul trout admits, he hits a fast food restaurant, about two to three times a week. "I already know and I've known for a while just how bad the food is!"

Not everyone knows just how healthy, or unhealthy all this food is. But now, you will. As soon as he walks into any restaurant with 20 or more locations nationwide, the calorie count will be right in front of your face, on menus, menu boards and even drive throughs.

Heather DuHamel works with diabetes patients at Retreat Doctors' Hospital, and this news of a calorie count is something she's glad to see.

"This will help them make wiser choices to help them control their chronic conditions whether it be diabetes, heart failure," says DuHamel.  Or even if you are a healthy person.

"I think often it's enlightening and scary when they do see those numbers. Many patients are just unaware," says DuHamel.

We talked with a spokesperson from Five Guys, the burger joint. Right now, they already post nutritional information on some menus and in those restaurants, they have not seen a change in business.

Of course, every restaurant is different and it will cost some dough to change the current menu's to include the calorie count.

So now, some may change their habits. Others may not. "I don't like the health of them. That's why I don't eat out that often or I try to eat more salads at times," says Trout.

But even what we think is healthy, may be an eye-opener next time you sit down to grab a bite to eat.

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