Spotsylvania authorities investigating allegations of child sex crime

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) - Spotsylvania County authorities are investigating allegations of a child sex crime. The mother of a 12 year old girl says her daughter was raped by two teenage boys at a roller skating rink.

The girl's mother says the attack happened during an overnight "lock-in" at Golden Skateworld on Five Mile Road. She says her daughter was drugged, beaten and raped. The woman asked to remain anonymous to protect her daughter's identity.

"Basically it was all private area. Bruising? Bruising," said the girl's mother.

She says her daughter is in the hospital with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a violent Valentine's weekend attack.

"Inside the girls bathroom of Golden Skateworld in the handicap stall," said the woman.

The woman says her daughter attended an "all night" lock in on February 13.

"Something was put in her drink and she felt funny after drinking the drink. After that she was pretty much - she couldn't use her arms and stuff," said the woman.

She says her daughter couldn't fight off three girls her age beating and choking her and two older teenaged boys raping her.

"When we picked her up she really wasn't herself and had bleeding," said the woman.

The woman says she first thought her daughter started her menstrual cycle but kept complaining of pain. She says a few days later she took her to the ER.

"She's having panic attacks she has flashbacks," said the woman.

Golden Skateworld owner, Waldo Ferreras, says he was there that night and no one reported a rape. Ferraras says anything is possible, but it would be rare for his staff to not hear about something like this. He says the events are well supervised.

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office would only say a complaint was made about an assault and a detective was assigned to the case. The mother says investigators have the names of the kids involved but wants anyone with information to come forward.

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