Cuccinelli defends early actions

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Health care reform, the environment, gay rights and the president's place of birth; Ken Cuccinelli has not been afraid to get right into the middle of these debates. Today he told Ryan Nobles, all he is doing, is his job.

It started with a battle over the state's non-discrimination policy; a battle that sent college students out into the streets in protest.

"Our first obligation, any of us that are in this office is to get the law right and that is all that we were doing, getting the law right," said Cuccinelli.

And Cuccinelli's view of "getting the law right" has him threatening to sue the federal government over health care reform and already filing suit against the EPA.

"This is not supposed to be a political exercise as much as a legal exercise," he said.

But each one of those legal opinions comes from a decidedly conservative bent, making the Attorney General the poster boy for liberal disdain. A narrative that was only enforced when a tape emerged that appeared to show him questioning the president's place of birth.

"Well, keep in mind, that all I was doing was answering a question and all I said was, this wasn't an issue for me," Cuccinelli said.

But while he continues to take hits from his liberal opponents, Cuccinelli vows to continue to do what he views as right. A job he believes voters elected him to do.

And there are some in the political chattering class that believe Cuccinelli's bold actions are making life difficult for his fellow republican in the governor's mansion. Today the Attorney General told us that Bob McDonnell is one of his most important clients, and he wouldn't do anything to threaten that working relationship.

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