Just wanted to take a moment to Thank you again for your plumbing help last Saturday night. As you know, I was in plumbing trauma when I had a leak and found that my 26-year-old valves were corroded and wouldn't close. This included the main valve which broke off in my hand. After calling two other companies with no response, I found Michael and Son in the phone book and I was glad I did. You called me back right away and told me exactly what you could do to fix it, including the price. Although it's not great to work on a Saturday night, you were professional and friendly. You got the job done and you saved the evening for my wife and I. You guys are at the top of my list if I know anyone who is looking for a plumber.

Take Care,

Impressive Service Call

I always say that operating a successful business isn't about one magic bullet; it's about doing many, many, little things properly. I watched a very good example of this unfold before my eyes which emphasizes to me the difference these small details can make to a business. Recently, I called a plumbing company, Michael & Son Services to take a look at a leaky faucet in my kitchen. Just for the record, I am pretty handy around the house, but couldn't figure this one out. The faucet was leaky and also wasn't functioning properly. Who should I call? I really want this to be an hour-long project and not an all day event!

The Michael & Son website was informative, professional, and had useful content. I was on the site for ten minutes. I read the testimonials, service specialties, and submitted my information online. The quick submittal form on the top of each page made it easy. Compared to other plumber sites brought up by the search, this one was informative, easy to navigate and encouraged me to submit information.

When they called me in a timely fashion, I was impressed. A nice person introduced herself to me by telling me her name. She sounded happy and asked how she could assist me. When I told her my situation, she repeated it back to me with concern and named a person that would personally help me. She was interactive and gathered information from me, inquired about a convenient time for me and my wife, and then explained in detail how the process would work. She politely asked if I would be willing to be contacted by e-mail with future discounts or events. I replied yes. This call set some high expectations and I came away confident I made the right decision.

Thirty minutes before the appointment, the service representative, Daniel, called and identified himself and said he was on his way. Nice! When he arrived in a vehicle with a logo, a company uniform, and a friendly handshake, I let him in. Before he entered my home, he put plastic covers over his shoes and put down a floor mat with a company logo to wipe his feet on. I thanked him for the consideration. Immediately I felt at ease and confident. The little things were adding up in the company's favor.

The company technician identified, explained, and corrected the problem. There were a few challenges that were not his fault, but since I understood what he needed to do, I felt comfortable with the end result. He finished after an hour, and as he did, he handed me a survey card. He asked if I was satisfied and requested I fill it out so he could put it in my mailbox. He handed me a marketing kit/brochure and told me about the other services the company offers, and also asked for permission to put a magnet on our fridge for any future service needs and told me I should consider a service plan they offer.

In reviewing the call, I realized it was a simple service, but they did so many little things right. The business was easy to find and was high on the Internet listings. They did have an informative website with a quick and easy way to schedule an appointment and the initial phone call to set an appointment was thorough, friendly and interactive.

I was very impressed with the fact that the entire process was a system. It started with the online form, then moved on to the return call, the courtesy call before the technician arrived, the shoe covering and floor mat, and great communication. A system. The end of the appointment marketing kit, request for the fridge magnet, explaining the other services they offer, telling me about their service agreement (selling more services) and survey card. A system. I could see that there was training involved. It was obvious in a good way.

Tim Nagle was a partner in one of the largest home improvement businesses in the nation. In that company, he worked from the ground up, starting with production and moving into sales and management. Now, having successfully sold his share of the business, he has started Remodel Buddy, a consulting firm specializing exclusively in the remodeling industry. Tim works with remodeling companies, offering one-on-one coaching and consulting strategies.


To The Management Team @ Michael and Son,
I wanted to take a moment to write a letter to let you know how happy we are with the service that we received last week.  The young man that came to our home was polite, courteous, professional and a very hard worker.  He came to our home initially for the estimate and he returned alone within a few days to start a job that I would have considered to be a difficult job to do alone, yet he never seemed to make it look as if he needed any help.  He worked until it was dark out that day, and said he would be back bright and early the next morning, and he was.  Before he arrived that next morning he called to make sure that we were expecting him.  He came back with a smile and started working immediately, again, rarely taking a break and always smiling.  I offered him a cool drink, as it was very hot outside, and he was in the sun for quite sometime.  He seemed as if he wasn't going to accept, until I insisted. 
I am recovering from surgery and my youngest child recovering from a broken shoulder, we made small talk while he worked in my living room and he was always very pleasant.  I found out from him that his wife was about to deliver their first child, again we talked a bit, all the while as he worked.  He finished up on the 3rd day, leaving us without a wire or piece of trash in our yard.  He was an immaculate worker.   A couple of days later I received a postcard from your company, signed by him, with a very personal touch, asking about our respective recoveries!   I was very impressed.  Thank you. 
I am a nurse, and know what it is to work with the public.  I always appreciate it when someone goes the extra mile, and I think this young man is a shining example of a dedicated and hardworking employee.  Michael and Sons is very fortunate to have this young man on their team.  He is bright, well spoken and experienced.  I was shocked to learn that he was in his young 20's.
Please let him know that the Veals family appreciates his commitment to providing excellent customer service and that we wish him all the best with the impending birth of their first child. 
I will definitely reccomend Michael and Son to anyone and everyone that will listen.  (and that is all because of Ricky!)