Seatbelts save crash victims' lives

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WWBT) – A near deadly accident is all caught on tape. It shows a car running a red light, smashing into another causing it to flip and crash into another nearby vehicle. The 2 victims in the car that flipped, Alan and Ethan little are now being honored for doing one thing that Colonial Heights Police believe saved their lives: they wore their seatbelts.

"We got halfway across the intersection and I looked to my right and I only remember the car being maybe 30 feet away and that was it," said crash victim, Ethan Little.

Photos show the tangled mess of metal that was left of their Ford Focus. The windows were shattered, blood stains were left on the seat cushions and a car sized dent showed where the car hit them. Surveillance video from a nearby gas station barely captured the crash on camera. The area where the accident happened is an area where Alan and Ethan Little travel almost every day. And just driving through the area is a reminder of how something as simple as a seatbelt saved their lives. Colonial Heights Police awarded the father and son for making the life-saving decision to buckle up. They encourage others to do the same.

"Some people say that well seat belts don't really save lives, well we're living proof that they do," said crash victim, Alan Little.

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