King sentenced to 100 years in prison for Matko murder

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander – email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield judge sentenced Detavis King to 53 years for the 2007 shooting death of 16 year old Ryan Matko. Ryan Matko's family left the courthouse "satisfied", a much different story for Detavis King's relatives and friends.

Rose Matko had hoped for an apology from King, but he did not make a statement before learning his fate.

"Tell him to go find the real person who killed him cause he's out there he's still out there," one of King's relatives said.

Detavis King's relatives left the courthouse fuming. One woman gasped when the judge handed down King's 100 year sentence with 50 suspended and an additional three for a gun conviction.

"Nobody knows what happened. Nobody was there. But the time to make a decision like this, nobody can say none of us were there," said King's friend Sameika Anderson.

Rose Matko cried saying she got justice for Ryan.

"To hear life would have been awesome but we're satisfied. We're certainly satisfied yes," said Rose Matko.

Rose Matko told the judge Ryan's murder changed her family's dynamics and that life will never be the same. Ryan's father, Max Matko, said he can no longer take part in activities he used to do with his son like hunting and fishing...that all the good childhood memories are now bad ones.

No one took the stand on King's behalf. King's attorney asked the judge to consider his client grew up without a father- who was in and out of prison. Earlier the defense tried to get King's conviction thrown out, but the judge said there was no merit and sentenced King for what he called a cold, calculated and senseless crime.

"I just wanted to hear Detavis say he was sorry. I just wanted to hear him say that and he's not, he's not sorry. And I think he's going to have a long time to think about what he's done," Rose Matko said.

Rose Matko says now she and her family can try to move forward now that this case is behind them.

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