Henrico County police Toyota Camry accelerates suddenly

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The Henrico County Police Department has taken all of its recalled Toyotas off the street. And other law enforcement agencies have since taken a closer look at their Toyota fleets.

Henrico PD's undercover 2007 Camrys had been recalled and repaired, and deemed safe for the road. Other law enforcement agencies have had to get their Toyotas checked as well since the recalls were announced last month.

Earlier this month the department vehicle was merging into oncoming traffic when it suddenly accelerated above the speed limit before self correcting. Because of this incident we checked to see how other agencies in our area would handle this type of issue with their vehicles.

We start in Richmond and Chesterfield County. A spokesperson for each agency told us they do not have any vehicles within their fleet that have been recalled by Toyota and therefore are unaffected.

However in Hanover County the recall alerts took top priority. A spokesperson there told us they do have several undercover Toyota vehicles. When news of the recalls broke, they had their vehicles inspected by the manufacturer and all checked out okay. This is something they've had to deal with before. Some of the other vehicles in their fleet have been recalled in the past.

The spokesperson for the Henrico County Police Department declined an on camera interview about the incident. We still don't know how many vehicles they've had to take off the road or what they plan to do with them from here.

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