Morgan Harrington's parents discuss frustrations with case

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  Five months ago today, Morgan Harrington disappeared in Charlottesville. Her parents visited the community to talk about their frustrations about their daughter's unsolved murder.

Dan and Gil Harrington shared gruesome details about when she went missing from a Metallica concert including reports she was bleeding at the John Paul Jones Arena and what they noticed about her skeletal remains.

A short note on the Copeley Bridge memorial spells out the Harrington's frustrations, five long months without answers.

"I can not get the image of Morgan's shattered bones out of my mind," said Gil Harrington.

There is no person of interest, but Gil Harrington describes her daughter's killer as a violent, sadistic and dangerous man.

"He chooses to kill in a savage and brutal way. This Charlottesville man hurt Morgan Harrington enough to break her bones before he murdered her," said Gil Harrington.

"I'm quite shocked we don't have more of a response of getting DNA back on a murder case," said Dan Harrington.

Dan Harrington wants to know if anything has changed in the last five months regarding security especially at the John Paul Jones Arena, where Harrington believes his daughter may have fallen in the bathroom:

"The part I don't understand are the reports she was bleeding, and on multiple attempts tried to get into the building and no one tended to her, and that does concern me," said Dan Harrington.

The Harrington's worry about people becoming complacent. They pointed to the nearly two dozen people reported missing or murdered in Central Virginia since August 2009.

Gil Harrington says she's reluctant to leave in two weeks on a planned overseas trip fearing Morgan's killer will strike again.

"I will be devastated if another woman is killed here in a similar way. That makes us believe he has been active again," said Gil Harrington.

The Harrington's say they plan to return to Charlottesville in early April for a Take Back The Night event in hopes of spreading awareness about personal safety.

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