'Wicked' witch turns green EVERY day


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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - "Wicked" is the untold back story of a classic villain- the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Turns out, she wasn't always wicked, and actress Marcie Dodd wasn't always green. It takes a half hour of painstaking work each night to make her so.

"She gets in all the good nooks and crannies, the ears. You find little green specks in your ears and behind your hairline, pretty much your whole life as a green girl," said Dodd.

One missed spot could spoil the illusion for the audience.

"She has to get in there, or else the audience can see the little peach spots in the ear," said Dodd.

Makeup artist Joyce McGilberry is under the gun just before show time. She appreciates Dodd's cooperation.

"She respects the fact that I have a job to do. I'm limited in the amount of time I have to do my job," said McGilberry.

It can be a stressful environment. Life on the road with a Broadway show has its challenges. Dodd is married and lives in Los Angeles-- she struggles to remember the last time she was home.

"June?  I think last June I had a vacation," Dodd said.

As show time nears, there is only time for last minute touches.

"Super close. She now pins the wig on."

Now fully green and in costume, Dodd steps on stage to give life to a character who she says is just misunderstood.

"To be able to show another side to her, and to say she wasn't just wicked for the sake of being wicked," said Dodd. "Everybody has a back story to why they become the way they become."

Wicked runs through March 28. You can get tickets the day of each show through a lottery. Just show up at the Landmark two and a half hours before show time.

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