Richmond Police stepping up parking patrols in The Fan

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you've gotten a parking ticket in The Fan lately, you're not alone.  Richmond Police are stepping up parking patrols and enforcing rules that you may not know about. One resident told NBC 12 he and several of his neighbors were cited for parking within 20 ft. of an intersection. He says his car was in a spot on Grove Avenue that he's been parking in for 30 years. Now, he's wondering what's changed.

Chris McDaniel and anyone else who has driven through The Fan know, "parking is like gold around here."

Now, it could cost you some green. McDaniel is one of several residents who woke up to tickets on their cars Saturday morning.

Richmond Police officials told us the increased enforcement is in response to a number of complaints. Residents said drivers were blocking bus stops and fire hydrants, parking too close and boxing in other cars.

"It's a nice $40 fine," said McDaniel.

But he told us the new enforcement eliminates some of the already limited spots on Grove Avenue. Plus he said he's always parked close to the corner and thought the signs designating you need a Fan Resident Parking Permit were the boundaries of legal spaces.

"It was well within one of the signs that indicate where the parking area is, or used to anyway," he said.

To many residents we asked, the signs are misleading. Police maintain regardless of what those posts say, or what drivers think they indicate; the law is the law. They'll continue to ticket for violations, including parking within 20ft, of a crosswalk or intersection.

McDaniel just wishes he knew that a little earlier.  Now, he'll make sure he's not parked too close to the corner.

Richmond Police said the parking situation is only going to get worse as Virginia Commonwealth students return from spring break next Monday. Again, officers will continue that stepped up enforcement so drivers need to be mindful of where they park or risk facing a $40 fine.

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