Be safe: Research your options for storm coverage

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – When spring storms hit, damage is often left behind. And if you don't have the right type of insurance coverage, it could be your budget that takes a major hit.

It can happen in an instant -- a weather event sweeps through, and then you are left to pick up the pieces.

It's something insurance agent Reggie Dickerson is used to dealing with -- and he has some important advice for everyone.

"The most important piece is to set down and visit with your agent to go over your insurance coverage," Dickerson said.

That's typically a free review that Dickerson recommends you complete once every couple of years.

Last year, State Farm processed 15,000 home and auto claims in Virginia that occurred as the result of a storm event.  If you need evidence, just check this out.  It happened in South Richmond and it can happen to you.

Storm coverage is usually rolled into your homeowner's or auto policy. The cost of that policy will vary. It depends on just how big your home or car is or its age.

Once you get the right insurance for you, your job isn't over.  The first thing you need to do is inventory your property and keep that list updated.

"Making a detailed itemized list and making a video tape and having two copies, one with you and one in another safe place that won't get destroyed should we have a catastrophe," Dickerson said.

After making sure your family is safe. If your home or car does sustain major damage -- most policies require you to do what you can to prevent further damage, which could be something as easy as using a tarp.

Do not do any complete repairs before having your agent do an inspection.

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