Colonial Heights woman believes rat entered through sewer

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WWBT) – Imagine lifting your toilet lid and finding a dead rat in your bowl. That's exactly what happened to one local woman, who believes the rodent got there through the sewer line.

It's a bathroom scare like no other…

"I freaked out. Slammed the toilet lid and took off running," said Yaminah Spangler.

A vermin visit that shocked Spangler.

"I come in and lifted up the lid, and of course you find and right there was a rat; bigger than my hand," Spangler said.

Spangler believes the rat crawled up the sewer line and into her toilet. She lives along the Appomattox in Colonial Heights. Spangler captured images of the incident and video of her husband removing the dead animal.

"I have three young children. If it was alive they could have got bitten," she said.

Roger Murphy is a plumber with Williams & Fogg Plumbing & Electrical.

"I've auger them out of toilets before because people get stoppage in their toilet and the rat dies on way through the toilet," Murphy said.

He says he's gone out on many, "rat in toilet" calls, especially after heavy rainfall.

"A lot of the storm drains are full of water and they're trying to find a dry place," said Murphy.

Murphy says there are devices you can buy that will help keep the rodents from traveling in your pipes. Also keeping your drain clean with items like baking soda or vinegar will deter the animals.

Spangler says she hopes never to find anything like this in her toilet again.

The plumber we spoke with also recommends keeping your lid down - unless the toilet is in use.

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