Road crews continue pothole blitz

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Soggy conditions continue to crumble Richmond roads.

"This is a temporary fix, but we have an aggressive paving program taking effect next spring as well as through the summer," said Dexter White from Richmond Public Works.

Until warmer weather seven extra road crews are helping patch 80 to 100 potholes a day.

"To date we've addressed about 3,000 potholes. Used about 200 tons of asphalt at a cost of about $12,000 to the city," said White.

The pothole blitz, which started about a month ago, is designed to address craters that have been called in by drivers.

"We still have about 600 in the system that we still need to address," White said.

"It's hit or miss," said driver Tyler Gagnon.

Literally. Tyler Gagnon's hit some doozies.

"I pretty much know where the potholes are, so I'm switching lanes dodging them," he said.

Morris Monroe hasn't had such luck.

"I've ran into a few potholes," Monroe said.

Today, he's filling up his spare in order to be ready should his car hit the mother lode. But from what he's seen, he thinks his chance of a wipe out is decreasing.

"I have seen some people working on the streets in different places," said Monroe.

This week makes it official. City crews will now be working on residential streets and they're starting with neighborhoods like Church Hill.

"We've started some residential. Not 100 percent in the residential area because of the weather," White said.

And with requests to fill holes coming in daily, crews are sinking in the workload.

"We'll be addressing potholes from here on out," White said.

City crews do patch potholes when they see them, but its reports from drivers that get them on the street. Your best bet to report a bump in the road by calling 311.

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