Student and family arrested for police assault

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

CAROLINE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A parent, a grandparent and a female student are all facing felony charges after assaulting three deputy officers at Caroline High School.

The sheriff's office says Lloyd Wilson and Ruth Wilson were called to the school to pick up a student who was being disruptive, but instead of just taking the student home, authorities say they started a fight with the deputies on school grounds.

Sergeant Miles Turner regularly teaches criminal justice at Caroline High School. He was pulled out of class today to assist the situation. He said the moments leading up to the fight was very tense.

"They were just very loud to the point it frightened the administrator, made the administrator feel they were going to be assaulted," said Sergeant Miles Turner of the Caroline County Sheriff's Department.

Turner said he was one of three deputies assaulted in the scuffle.

"I can't tell you who did what first we were just concerned with getting it under control as rapidly as we could," said Turner.

For the rest of the students,  this happened was right before lunch. Teachers were ordered to keep them in class for another half hour.

"It was really scary," said Sophomore, Samantha Deffenbaugh. "Cops were everywhere and there was a fight going on, so then they said it on the announcements we had to stay in our lunch period at the time," she said.

In a school of about 1,200 students, administrators said they made sure none of the other students got mixed in with the fight.

"It's just so unfortunate when any of our students have these kind of problems and when they just blow up in the manner this is, it's not good for the county," said Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Eric Cunningham.

Once the arrests were made classes went on and students were sent home with a note to parents.

"You'd like to think this would never happen on any school, you want your kids there to learn," said Turner. "I tell my students all the time in the class I teach, I'm not there to be a police officer, I'm there for them to learn and it was a negative effect on their learning when something like this is going on," he said.

The student is being held at the Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center in Williamsburg. The father and grandmother have bonded out of jail.

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